Bike/Boat Poles

Show your colors everywhere you travel!

Telepole Manufacturing is proud offer our new line of Motorcycle and Marine Minature Flagpoles. Each of our Motorcycle and Boat Flagpoles is made of high strength, high quality Stainless Steel. Available in either 10″ or 15″ lengths , each Stainless Steel Rod comes with an adjustable aluminum bracket. The bracket adjusts from 1/4″ to 1″ that fits around a square or round bar on your motorcycle or boat rail. Protective polyurethane is included to prevent scratches on your boat or motorcycle from the bracket.

The 15″ pole will allow you to fly either a 6″x9″ flag or a 12″x18″ flag and every size in between! The 10″ pole can accommodate only a 6″x9″ flag.