Telescoping BirdHouse Poles

The Easiest Birdpole you’ll ever own!

birdhouse-poleThis true telescoping bird pole recently introduced by Telepole Mfg. Inc. will meet all your needs for bird feeders, bird houses, and Purple Martin dwellings. It comes in THREE sizes from 10’ to 15’ tall. Constructed with the heaviest aircraft aluminum wall thickness (11 gauge versus 16 gauge of all other poles) so it can withstand high winds and moderate weights (approximately 10 pounds).

Easy to raise and lower, with the stainless steel spring buttons which helps prevent dropping like other poles. The poles weight ranges from 7 to 11 pounds depending on the pole length. With an easy to install PVC ground pipe, as well as easy pole operations, our bird poles make the best and most attractive in the market at the lowest possible price.

Factory Direct – Not A Reseller!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use my own bird house on you Bird pole?
Yes. Our Bird pole ships with an easy to install mounting plate for most bird houses.

Is there any maintenance needed on the Bird pole?
No, the high strength aluminum will never rust or need painting.

How do the Bird poles hold up in the wind?
Our Bird Poles are very sturdy and resistant to wind. Telepole Manufacturing Inc. offers a standard All Weather Warranty which covers any wind or storm damage. We will replace any damaged parts (excluding negligence or accidents) free of charge.

Are the Bird Poles hard to install?
No. Installation is quite simple. For the 10-Ft. Telescoping Flagpole, just dig a hole 22″ deep and 12″ diameter, level the bottom of the hole with crushed rock. Insert the PVC ground sleeve and surround with quick setting cement. Insert the flagpole into the ground sleeve in the collapsed position and level. Remove flagpole until cement is dry. Click Here to view and download our installation Instructions.